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Guadalupe Martinez

Michael de Courcy

Rethinking ideas about Vancouver’s identity and history, this website attempts to compile a collaborative archive in order to expand the collective awareness of the city's narratives. To do so we invite you to participate by contributing related memories and histories that can be mapped on to Vancouver's imagery.

ThisPlace is a project developed in response to Background / Vancouver, a photo-mapping expedition performed by Vancouver artist Michael de Courcy with Taki Bluesinger, Gerry Gilbert and Glenn Lewis on October 30, 1972.

Forty years later, on October 30, 2012, local artists Emilio Rojas, Guadalupe Martinez and Igor Santizo came together to revisit the 1972 conceptual project.

How to participate?

You can contribute to this collaborative archive by adding photographs, videos, or writings of your experience in Vancouver over the past 40 years and beyond. We hope that this record of the city expands into one that speaks to the multiplicity of narratives that coexist; showing Vancouver’s history through a premise that intends to acknowledge its complexities with consideration, honesty and respect.

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Project Documentation

On October 30, 2012, Vancouver artists, Emilio Rojas, Guadalupe Martinez, and Igor Santizo, revisited Background / Vancouver, a photo-mapping expedition of Vancouver by Michael de Courcy with Taki Bluesinger, Gerry Gilbert, and Glenn Lewis on October, 30 1972. 40 years later to the day, these three artists came together to forge a new, fourth path that intersects with the original paths which revisits ideas about Vancouver’s identity and history.

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Background / Vancouver

An artist's view of the city, October 30, 1972.

"Background / Vancouver is the portrait of a city: A mosaic of 360 photos of signs, people, buildings, still life, scenery, roads, cafes, totems, harbor, interfaced to provide a host of unexpected connotations..."

Background / Vancouver is a portrait of Vancouver, British Columbia captured on an autumn day in 1972 by four artist / friends Taki Bluesinger, Michael de Courcy, Gerry Gilbert and Glenn Lewis.

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